That's Dancing

Styles of Dance

Through each style of dance, our students learn performance, skills, develop self esteem, practice discipline, teamwork, and auditioning techniques.



Tap is a style of dance that uses the sound of tap shoes hitting the floor to create a percussion sound. This style of dance creates rhythm by combining steps to the beat of the music. That’s Dancing is known for our fast and talented tapping feet!


Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Ballet is a form of dance that relies on physical strength and agility, strong concentration skills, an understanding of music and rhythm and a love of movement. Our ballet classes help our students become more flexible and poised which improves all other styles of dance.


That’s Dancing offers Pointe classes approximately at age 13, depending on dedication and level of dance skill. Anyone wanting to take pointe or pre-pointe should be taking at least 3 hours of ballet a week.


Jazz is a style of dance that takes ballet technique and speeds up the pace. This is a fun and energetic way for dancers to express themselves. Jazz dances usually include big jumps and turns. Many fun and creative moves are included in our jazz classes. These are always full of energy and a lot of fun.


A mix between ballet and jazz, our lyrical classes are a lot of fun. This new style of dance uses emotion and movements to express different feelings. Lyrics of songs influence this style of dance greatly. Our students love lyrical as it is slower than jazz dance but more upbeat than ballet.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is dancing to the rhythm with sharp movements, including the various styles of breaking, locking, and popping. Hip hop is a very energetic form of dancing. It allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. OurĀ students love to “pop and shake” their way through these fun classes.